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Stress Management

Life Coaching can assist in Stress Management by helping you to identify triggers for stress and giving you tools to reduce, counteract and manage stress more effectively.  Essence of Life Coaching utilises a variety of Stress Management tools including Relaxation Techniques, Time Management skills, Positive Thinking, Aromatherapy and Flower Essence Therapy.

The Importance of Relaxation

Relaxation is a skill.  The more you practice relaxation the more skilled you become.  Relaxation causes physiological changes in the body that are opposite to the way the body responds to stress.  Relaxation reduces heart rate and blood pressure, whilst immune and digestive function are enhanced.  Therefore incorporating relaxation techniques into your daily routine can counteract the negative effects of stress.

About Stress

Extreme stress initiates the 'fight or flight' response. This results in a number of physiological changes in the body, including increased heart rate and blood pressure, as well as decreased immune and digestive function.  Extreme, repetitive or prolonged stress may contribute to a variety of health complaints, including high blood pressure, recurrent infections, irritable bowel syndrome, headaches, insomnia, anxiety or depression.

Good Health

Your ability to cope with stress is enhanced if you are fit and healthy, therefore moderate exercise and a healthy diet are important for Stress Management.  A half hours walk every day can improve your fitness level and help you to counteract the stressful events of the day.  It is advised that you consult a qualified health professional regarding an appropriate diet and exercise program for your level of health. 

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